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Indoor Fireworks

Indoor Fireworks

Sparkling fountains, glowing circles and crackling glitter. All at once, above your head and around you. You don’t know where to look!
Nowadays you celebrate the 100th anniversary of a building with indoor digital LED fireworks. Lighting once and then it’s over? No, you can continue to enjoy this spectacle. With many viewers you can count down multiple times at night.


For the Foederer Talent Award 2019, Aptum took part in the open call to make a design for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Steentjeskerk in Eindhoven. During GLOW light festival Eindhoven – November 2019 – the monumental building became the playing field for light designers.


Aptum set itself the requirement to create a project that is impressive and surprising, but that is also understandable for all 700.000 visitors to the event without extensive additional background information. With fireworks you celebrate something big, we learn that from childhood. Fireworks are well known. This firework is harmless and can be used indoors.


Aptum designed 5 metal elements, each fully equipped with LED.  The whole consists of large complex elements and small simpler variants. These parts can be controlled separately, and within each element the LEDs can also be controlled individually. This makes it possible to realize various types of flares.


Between three and six arrows per element are possible without being similar. Moreover, you can work with different colors, so there are even more options. With an extensive choreography of these smart glowing parts in combination with sound, a fireworks experience is created.


The Foederer Talent Foundation initiates activities to develop talents in the arts and culture sector.
Aptum submitted this LED fireworks proposal in September 2019 and brought it to the final.

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