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Aptum x Studio Tom

Aptum x Studio Tom

Studio Tom and Aptum present to you ‘Living Circle’.

A circle with dynamic light: from energetic bouncing balls to calming twinkles in sophisticated color combinations. The viewer can actively influence movement, but can also dream away at the view. Knowledge in the field of custom-made luminaires, dynamic lighting technology and color research by Aptum and Studio Tom are merged into 1 object, suitable for both public and domestic spaces.


The circle has three different modes.
The “bouncing balls” work well in public spaces where the visitor stays for a short time. Think of a waiting room or the lobby of a hotel. People can spin the light themselves and make it bounce against each other. Rotate at high speed or slowly, transmit speed or slow down: in this setting, physical laws have been incorporated to allow the movement to proceed logically.
With ‘Gradient’, the viewer chooses a general color for the circle, for example yellow or white. Every now and then, in unpredictable places, another color trickles in, slowly blending out and disappearing again to make room for another color.
The third is ‘Twinkle’, and this setting itself also contains 5 different color settings. From colorful to serene. Something for everyone in soft twinkle form. 

Studio Tom develops the technique of dynamic lighting where mood and attention can be influenced. Read more about Studio Tom here. 

More images and a video will follow.

‘Living Circle’ is for sale.
When you have any questions, please send an email to: tineke@aptumlighting.com

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