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Dutch Design Week – Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week – Eindhoven

The Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, NL, is a home show every year. We transform our own studio from office and workshop to exhibition space and show our latest designs to interested visitors.

During the 2018 edition of Dutch Design Week, we showed off with our lighting designs. 2018 was the year we decided to focus on custom lighting. We had been making Light Forest for years, and at that time we designed not only lighting but also furniture, interiors, accessories, etc. We did this under the name ‘Ontwerpduo‘. 


Working for clients with custom lighting always gave us the most satisfaction. In addition, we wanted more depth of knowledge, rather than broadness.
We designed a new customizable lighting system: Contour.
And so we presented Light forest and Contour – both fully custom!

This exhibition was the start for APTUM – customized lighting creations.
We officially launched APTUM during Dutch Design Week 2019.

Contour has a large hanging circle that shines forward, and various sizes of hanging lines that illuminate both the wall and the room in various colors.


Light Forest Custom crawls across the wall and ceiling, with 3 starting points and 13 copper light points. The color of the wall is NCS 0408-Y74R. Light Forest itself is coated in NCS 1010-Y70R.
The basic models of Light Forest are also presented in various configurations. 

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