Floating Falling – Autonomous work

Floating Falling – Autonomous work


Artist Tineke Beunders created ‘Floating Falling’. 10/01/2020. A composition with LED light from Aptum’s ‘Contour’ system. It captures her personal feeling in geometric shapes: When grip is lost in a situation, the built-up pattern of thoughts, actions and preferences falls apart. In the composition of light, parts come loose from the structure. They change color, size and direction. It does not seem to be the intention, but at the same time the whole becomes richer and more beautiful than it once was. New insights, innovative ideas and fresh perspectives arise.

One could also view the composition in a broader perspective. Because what happens on a small scale is also recognizable at world level.


This work was first presented during Object Rotterdam (NL) February 2020.

In April 2020 it would be shown during Salone del Mobile in Milan (IT) at Galleria Rossana Orlandi.


Date: February 2020
Commissioned by: Aptum
Place: Rotterdam, The Netherlands