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Light of the valley

Light of the valley


As designers, we are always busy thinking up new lighting, making tests and presenting show models at exhibitions. 
In our workshop we have a whole range of tests, sketches, color samples, test models, maquettes, prototypes and lighting that is just a little different from what is on our webshop. So much beauty, a shame to let it gather dust, we thought.

How do you find the right buyer for all this exclusive material? In our search we came across Catawiki. An online auction site for art, among other things. They match each special item to the right customer. And so, jewels from our studio found a new home.

Catawiki noticed this, and asked us to design a lamp especially for them. Using our contour lighting system, we worked on a more organic-geometric shape for this collaboration than we had done so far.

The final design is a graphic representation based on the plant Lily of the Valley. The stems can be put in any color you want, just like the flowers. You can make any color combination.

Check out the technical specifications here.

Catawiki provided a report on our methods, vision and designs.

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