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(N)EVER is an artwork that plays with the duality of words while also diving deeper into the human psyche. The work consists of five separate, illuminated letters with an impressive total width of 5 meters, glowing in intense red.

The central element of (N)EVER is the first letter, the ‘N’, which moves like a gentle breath. Seven times per minute. Slow and deep. It is a breathing technique where you focus your attention on the present moment, like an enlightening rhythm for the mind.

This cadence, rising and fading, creates a spectacle where the word ‘EVER’ gradually transitions into ‘NEVER.’ The transition symbolizes most intentions, desires, wishes, or plans: just a breath away from never being fulfilled.

Date: September 2023
Commissioned by: Aptum
Place: Amsterdam, Big art, The Netherlands

Date: January 2024
Commissioned by: Eindhoven Airport
Place: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Date: October 2023
Commissioned by: Glow Eindhoven
Place: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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It's light.
It's magic.

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