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Private client – Maastricht

Private client – Maastricht


This special house in Maastricht was designed by Frank Lahaye in 1986. The architect was given 3 ingredients by his client at the time: a white house, a flat house, interaction inside and outside. Frank was inspired by Gerrit Rietveld, Richard Meier, La Corbusier. 

Years later we were commissioned to design lighting for the exterior of this building. The client’s only requirement was that it should not affect the architecture, but rather enhance it. Furthermore, to our great delight: carte blanche.

Frank Lahaye’s sketches were the source of inspiration for us. When you draw a building with a quick and smooth pen, the lines cross at the corners. In other words, the sketches do not contain exact angles, where in real life they are tightly executed. This fact became the starting point for the lighting designs.

We made sketches, scale models of paper and then computer models. Each step in the design process was discussed with the customer. Before going into full production we made a number of separate light lines, which we tested on the building both during the day and in the dark.


At the four most prominent corners of the building, we made small clusters of light in different directions. A group of pencil strokes around the corners. All light lines can be controlled separately in color. Using automations in the control (Philips Hue), the installation has a different color setting on weekends or holidays than on weekdays. Also the intensity and colors are different in winter than in summer. In addition, the whole goes along with sunrise and sunset.

Date: April 2022
Client: Private client
Location: Maastricht, NL

‘Do it! Highly recommended! Artistically exceptionally beautiful. Your art is also your art, and only makes the structure more beautiful and special. VERY WELL done, we enjoy it every night. Show it to the world.’
– quote customer

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