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Private client – Tilburg

Private client – Tilburg


The customer fell in love with the ‘Golden Hour‘ lamp from our Aptum X collection. However, it was designed to hang in front of the wall. The place she had in mind was above a dining table, in the middle of the room. That’s why we used the shapes of the original ‘Golden Hour’ and made a different configuration with them. 

A new composition can be seen from every side: The circle becomes an oval or even a line, depending on the viewpoint. The lines seem to get longer or shorter. Even the height at which you view the lamp plays a role. It remains an interesting coherence of forms.
The copper-plated elements hang in the room like a jewel.

We also took care of the ceiling solution and the installation of the lamp. Over the existing light point, we made a ceiling cap that accommodates the drivers and power supply for the LED lighting. 

The whole is connected to Philips Hue, which means that the colour of the light can always be adjusted as desired. The intensity of the light can also be changed according to the user’s wishes. 

Date: February 2022
Client: Private client
Location: Tilburg, NL

‘Top design at a great price!’ – quote customer June 2022

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