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Urby – Stamford

Urby – Stamford


Built from the ground up with the needs of contemporary urban citizens in mind, Urby is a unique and very complete residential concept that offers unprecedented value for money and a truly connected living experience. You will find Urby in many different city’s.
Aptum designed, produced and installed the lighting in the entrance of Urby Stamford, where you can also pick up the mail and drink coffee upon arrival.

Light Forest is placed on both the wall and the ceiling, and has light points close to the ceiling and low-hanging light points on long tubes. The whole is coated in a striking rust-red color. In this project, the variation that is possible with the lighting system is clearly visible.
In total there are 33 lampshades in this room, divided over 9 starting points.

Date: July 2019
Commissioned by: Concrete
Place: Stamford, USA

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