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Living circle

Living circle

The basic versions of Contour (custom lighting system) are compact and powerful variants, with a shorter delivery time. Manufactured from quality materials, with luminaries designed and produced by Aptum.
They come in different varieties: to be placed on the wall, ceiling or floor.
Living Circle is a wall and ceiling version. With a little care and attention, Living Circle can easily be assembled.

This lamp is a small version of the ‘Living Circle’ from the APTUM x collection in collaboration with Studio Tom. The light is dynamic: soft twinkling and slow partial colour changes in various sophisticated colour combinations. The lamp can be dimmed in all positions. The circle has three different modes. Completely warm white, that is the basic setting. Because of this, the lamp can also be used in a very functional way. With ‘Gradient’, the viewer chooses a general color for the circle, for example yellow or purple. Every now and then, in unpredictable places, another color trickles in, slowly blending out and disappearing again to make room for another color. The third is ‘Twinkle’, and this setting itself also contains 5 different color settings. From colorful to serene. Something for everyone in soft twinkle form.

Contour Living circle version is delivered at your home in a sturdy box containing all individual parts (we checked!), fasteners and instructions to mount. From there on, it’s only a small step to enjoying your very own ‘Living circle’ by Aptum.

MODEL Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
MATERIAL Coated steel, silicone
LIGHT COLOR 1000+ tones RGB
SETTINGS warm white fully filled | twinkle – warm white | twinkle – winter | twinkle – summer | twinkle – disco | twinkle – joyous | twinkle – starry night | gradient mint green | gradient ochre | gradient purple | gradient soft yellow
DIMENSIONS 60 cm x 61,5 cm x 10 cm
75 cm x 76,5 cm x 10 cm
PRODUCTION The Netherlands
DELIVERY Flatpack with instructions
SPECIFICATIONS  Color adjustable | RGB-LED | dimmable | control | 5 Volt | suitable for 220 Volt

We can imagine that you would like to see the lamp in real life. You are most welcome to visit our showroom in Eindhoven, NL. Make an appointment via tineke@aptumlighting.com, or whatsapp with us (right below your screen) for (video) calls.
View the APTUM X project with Studio Tom here.

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